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Mercedes-Benz ServicePlan

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Mercedes-Benz ServicePlan is a simple way to manage your service costs, whether you choose to spread the cost into manageable monthly instalments or one up-front payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which vehicles qualify for a Service Contract?

All Mercedes-Benz passenger car vehicles from 0-9 years old?  

What is the duration of the service contract?

All service contracts are based on a 24 month contract.

How long must the service contract be in place before I can use it?

You will be able to start using your service contract after 3 months or after making a quarterly payment up front.

What is covered in the service contract?

The service contract will cover all aspects of the manufacturers scheduled servicing including any time or mileage based additional operations.

What is not covered in the service contract?

Any form of repair, mechanical or electrical that falls outside of the manufacturers scheduled service interval.  Any repair which may be related to mechanical or electrical failure which is related to sudden failure, which is subject to wear and tear or externally influenced damage. 

What if I sell my vehicle during my service contract?

You may cancel the remaining terms of your service contract or transfer it to the new owner of the vehicle.  If your vehicle has been serviced within the calendar year of the contract being commenced or renewed then the remaining months of the service contract to the calendar year anniversary of the contract must be financially settled in full or to the value of your last service.

Where can I use my service contract?

You can only use your service contract with Avantgarde Automotive.

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