4 Wheel Alignment

Hunter Elite Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment

4 Wheel alignment is one of the most essential parts of your vehicles routine maintenance. Commonly known as “tracking” by tyre replacement workshops, wheel alignment is important in ensuring all road wheels are parallel and the vehicles geometric line is straight ahead. This will ensure that your tyres will not wear unevenly, the vehicles handling is precise and fuel economy is maximised.

Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment machines are the authorised equipment approved by Mercedes-Benz to check and adjust steering and suspension systems, as well as setting all adaptive cruise control and radar lane assist functions on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  Our Hunter Elite Wheel Alignment machine means we can offer manufacturer approved wheel alignment at a competitive cost.

Does my Mercedes-Benz Require Tracking?

Uneven tyre wear is the most noticeable consequential effect of misaligned wheels or worn components to your steering or suspension system. If you notice uneven tyre wear on your car, then it is recommended you have your steering and suspension checked for wear and tear.  If no faults are found then a wheel alignment is recommended.  Wheel alignment should not be carried out without checking for wear and tear to your suspension or steering first.

Poor handling is another noticeable feature of misaligned steering and suspension.  Does your vehicle pull to the left or to the right?  Do you feel the car wander with the steering having no natural centre?  If so, then a full check of the steering and suspension system is required as well as checking the condition and pressure of your tyres.  If everything passes this inspection, then a wheel alignment is recommended.

How Much Does It Cost?

4 Wheel alignment starts from £90 inc VAT which includes basic adjustments and a thorough check of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. If there is any other work required we will advise you of the course and cost of repair.

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