Why does my Mercedes-Benz make a high-pitched whine when I use the electric windows?

Steve Mowat

Steve Mowat

Steve Mowat, Owner of Avantgarde Automotive, began as a BMW apprentice in 1997, then excelled at McLaren and Mercedes-Benz. In 2009, he founded his business.

Oh, the marvel of German engineering! Your Mercedes-Benz is a symphony of machinery, but what if that symphony is disrupted by an ear-piercing high-pitched whine when you lower or raise your electric windows? Let’s tinker under the hood of this issue.

A Window into the World of Electric Motors

Electric window woes can be like a thorn in the side of your otherwise silky-smooth drives. The whining sound could be due to the window regulator motor. In a model like the 2013 C-Class, it’s been observed that the gears in the motor can wear out.

Here’s what you need to kick things off:

  • A Torx screwdriver set
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Window motor (Part number: A2048200208 for C-Class)

Detach the door panel, disconnect the electric connectors, and unscrew the motor. Replace it with a new one, and voila!

Rubber Meets the Window

If it’s not the motor, it could be the window seals. The rubber window seals on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213, for example, tend to get dry, causing friction. A good clean and a little lubrication can go a long way here.

  1. Lower the window
  2. Clean the seals with a mild cleaner
  3. Apply silicone-based lubricant (Part number: 0019894760)

Ensure you’re not using petroleum-based products, as they can degrade the rubber.

Can the Glass Guide be the Culprit?

Indeed! The window glass guide channel can cause that vexing noise. On the A-Class (W177), the guide channel misalignment has been a common quibble.

Tips to realign:

  • Remove the door panel
  • Loosen the bolts securing the guide channel
  • Adjust the guide channel
  • Tighten bolts, and reattach the door panel

Here, the finesse of a seasoned mechanic comes into play. At Avantgarde Automotive, you’ll find Mercedes specialists in Bristol who can realign it with the precision of a Swiss watch.

A Voltage Undertone

Low voltage can also produce a high-pitched sound. Particularly in the S-Class (W222), there have been instances where a weak battery causes the windows to whine.

Resolve it by:

  • Checking the voltage (it should be around 12.6 volts)
  • If low, either charge or replace the battery

Tweaks and Fine-Tuning

For the meticulous among us, here’s a detailed checklist:

  • Check for debris in the window track
  • Check window alignment
  • Inspect wires for damage
  • Examine pulleys and cables

An adept hand can make this investigation akin to art. If you prefer it done by maestros, you can entrust your prized Mercedes to the skilled technicians at Avantgarde Automotive.

Fine-tuning windows Precision tuning to keep your Mercedes whisper-quiet
Precision tuning to keep your Mercedes whisper-quiet

To the Workshop!

There you have it, from motor to seals, you’re now well-acquainted with the high-pitched enigma. Remember, these are tips and advice; if you’re not comfortable delving into the depths of your car, it’s best to leave it to professionals. The tips provided can’t be a substitute for professional advice, nor can the writer be held accountable for any inaccuracies or out-of-date information.

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