Why do I hear a swishing or sloshing noise from the fuel tank when the vehicle is in motion?

Steve Mowat

Steve Mowat

Steve Mowat, Owner of Avantgarde Automotive, began as a BMW apprentice in 1997, then excelled at McLaren and Mercedes-Benz. In 2009, he founded his business.

Understanding the Phenomenon: Fuel Tank Noises in Mercedes Benz

The sound of sloshing liquid can be both perplexing and bothersome, especially when it’s coming from your Mercedes. Let’s dive into the mystery behind this noise and unravel the specifics.

Specific Models and Typical Problems

  • Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class (2007-2014): Faulty fuel baffle leading to noise when tank is half-full. Part number: A2044700601.
  • Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class (2010-2016): Loose fuel pump fastenings. Part number: A2124700105.

Tools and Parts Required

  • Fuel Baffle
  • Specialised Fuel Tank Toolset
  • Soundproofing Materials
  • Fuel Pump Mounting Kit

Investigating the Causes: How to Diagnose the Problem

If your vehicle is one of the aforementioned models, then you’re in the right place. If not, the tips below can still be of assistance.

  1. Check Fuel Baffle: If the baffle is damaged, it can lead to the fuel swishing around, especially in the Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class.
  2. Inspect Fuel Pump Fastenings: Loose pump fastenings in the Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class may cause the sloshing noise.
  3. Identify Other Loose Components: Inspect all related fuel tank components to ensure nothing else is loose or worn.

Crafting a Solution: Tips and Techniques to Address the Noise

  1. Replace Fuel Baffle: For W204 C-Class owners, it’s often necessary to replace the baffle with part number A2044700601.
  2. Tighten Fuel Pump Fastenings: W212 E-Class owners can solve the problem by tightening the fuel pump fastenings.
  3. Add Soundproofing Material: For noise reduction, you might consider adding soundproofing material. For more information on this, visit our Mercedes servicing in Bristol.

What if the Noise Persists? Alternative Solutions

Sometimes, even after addressing the obvious issues, the noise might persist. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Consult an Expert: If the DIY approach isn’t working, consider consulting an expert at Avantgarde Automotive in Weston Super Mare.
  • Consider a Professional Inspection: An inspection by a trained professional can uncover hidden issues.
  • Avoid Low-Quality Replacement Parts: Ensure that you’re using quality parts designed specifically for your Mercedes Benz model.

Ready to Eliminate That Swishing Noise? Take Action Now!

Remember, the tips and advice mentioned in this article are purely suggestive, and Avantgarde Automotive cannot be held accountable for incorrect or out-of-date information. However, we invite you to bring your Mercedes to our specialist service centre to diagnose and rectify the issue.

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