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Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing your Mercedes in the Bristol areas
Yes. In 2002 a European High Court passed a block exemption ruling (BER) for all manufacturers stating that under the freedom of choice act, owners may choose to service their vehicles where ever they wish without the risk of invalidating the manufacturers warranty. As we service all cars to Mercedes-Benz specification using genuine parts and approved lubricants your manufacturers warranty will not be affected.
Yes. We are registered with Mercedes-Benz UK as an Independent repair workshop and we can log all maintenance reports with them and provide a printed service history.
If your vehicle is still within its 3 year manufacturer warranty period and you choose to service your vehicle with us then your Mobilo cover remains valid. If your Mercedes-Benz is outside of your 3 year warranty period and you choose to have your Mercedes-Benz with us, your Mobilo cover will be invalidated.
No. We always recommend using genuine parts and sometimes it is the very best option, however we appreciate that may come at a cost. Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts are often a very sensible and cost effective option and we are happy to fit these, some parts are often exactly the same as what you would purchase from Mercedes-Benz! For example, most electronic sensors are made by Bosch, Pierburg and VDO. Brakes are supplied to Mercedes-Benz by ATE, Brembo and TMD Frictions whilst suspension components are manufactured by Lemförder all of which are available and at a much reduced cost but in no way compromises on quality. Of course we always try to repair existing components where possible either at our specialist workshop or by out sourcing it to a specialist company dealing in that expert field.
We will advise if that is possible at the point of booking as it can depend on the diagnosis required or the repair that is needed. If you decide to wait for your vehicle, we have a comfortable waiting area with free WiFi and refreshments. If you need to “work from home” whilst you are with us, we are happy to provide you with a desk and power points for your laptop or tablet.
Yes. Anywhere within a 10 mile radius is free of charge. There maybe a small fee for anywhere outside of that distance to cover the cost of fuel.
We do but it is by appointment only and to be booked at least one week in advance from 8:30am-12:30pm. We are happy to carry out standard servicing and or minor repairs. You will be advised at the point of booking if a repair is viable.

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